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Ann Bradstreet Please feel free to look through Ann's free picture galleries, I'm sure you will find these quality asian pictures interesting. Although not my best quality pictures some photos are quite good and are free to download for your personal website or desktop use. 
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A well planned photography session should include a commitment of resource to a well executed  program. Special emphasis should be focused on lighting for without proper lighting and a quality camera setup, good quality images & photos are very unlikely. Use this Photography lovers Resource as needed,  Ann's Digital camera information & tips will help you take better digital pics.

 >       While most people simply cannot afford their own private photographer, we can easily take much better photographs. My objective is always to learn to take much better snap shots, so in a way I really could mark this accomplished, but that's simply because of dialing out hazy semantics. The photography help you may need might involve changing your camera settings. One small thing that will help you take better - photo's no matter where you're shooting is using your camera's automatic settings. Hopefully In no time at all you'll learn how to take good pictures. The most important thing about taking a better pic is to practice those things that will allow you to learn what does and doesn't work. Blurry - Hazy Pictures Here is some Anns digital - photography help to assist you in figuring out why you may be getting blurry pictures. A tripod has 3 legs and doesn't move so be still like a tripod. If you're a model, artist, or anyone looking to showcase something through photos, then you need to practice taking pictures then practice some more. To change Your perspective, try moving around, just a few feet can make the settting fresh and different. Let The background serve as your subject's stage set. Take Better Outdoor Pictures Here are a few digital quick tips that will enable you to take better quality children pictures every time. Let the child be themselves however don't be afraid to ask them to pose. You will almosy always take better child photos if you get down on the child’s level. There are lots of great photo opportunities out there, just take your camera with when fishing, snow skiing, or just plain walking. You just need to get out there and follow a few photo tips that may help you take better pic's in the near future. While most of us can’t afford our own personal photographer with practice we can take better indoor or outdoor pictures. Especially Now that most cameras have at least 8 megapixel resolution, enough for flawless 11" x 14" portraits, These days digital camera manufacturers are packing all sorts of new technology into their cameras, big and small, that can help you take better pictures of events, family and friends.
All Ann's digital downloadable pictures are free for your viewing, desktop printing, use as wallpaper, cards and personal use only,  no free business use please,   If these are uploaded to your personal website or blog please link back to with text link  anns cards and pictures 
Thank you.:   Ann Bradstreet      For high resolution prints or business photo use contact Ann Bradstreet most Asian photos for the Asia pic gallery were taken in Taiwan, Thailand & surrounding Aisan area by Ann Bradstreet.